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Founder and Race Director Terri Hayes About Her Vision

Ultras On Trails continues on for the 12th year. Hard to believe I am still here and still doing ultras, both as a race director and as a participant. Although I have gotten older and slower, my passion for ultras has not diminished in the least. I have seen enormous growth in ultra trail running here in the southeast and feel I have helped play a role in the boom. Along with the growth has come higher entry fees and more rules, so I feel there is still a need for the kind of events that I put on, low-key, laid-back, inexpensive, non-intimidating, runner-friendly events for all ages and all abilities.
In 2020, I will be offering ultras only here in Florida. It has been exciting to go exploring new trails and start planning new events. These ultras give runners an opportunity to challenge themselves, test their endurance, explore some of the beautiful trails in FL, and enjoy the camaraderie of other runners. Running trail ultras is all about the journey, having an enjoyable experience, a fun adventure.
I have been so rewarded in seeing these ultras grow in popularity, build up an excellent reputation, take their place among those "big, fancy" events. I feel I have proved that I can put on a top quality ultra without all the rules and fees and have proudly and happily seen many runners complete their first ultras. Many of those first-timers have gone on to complete many more ultras, including 100 milers.
Although each participant will be timed, I prefer to call these events runs rather than races. You are only competing against yourself and your goal is to finish. My goal, as organizer and race director, is to provide you, the runner, with what you need to be able to finish. After nearly 35 years and over 300 ultras completed, ultras are still my passion. I want to give back to the sport and encourage others to follow in my footsteps. All of the events will be low-key but will be the kind of events that I would want to participate in. Fortunately, I have been able to run many of "my runs" and I have loved them.
Each run will cover a well-marked, at least 99% trail course, have fully-stocked aid stations, helpful volunteers, food at the finish, no cut-off times and unique finisher's awards. You won't get a lot of frills, no chip-timing, no t-shirts, but you won't pay outrageous entry fees either. In fact, there are no set entry fees, but I would appreciate donations to help cover the expenses of aid stations, the food at the finish, supplies and finisher's awards, as I don't receive any monetary support from any person or organization. It is only donations that keep these events going. In 2020, Ultras On Trails will continue it's efforts to make each event as environmentally friendly as possible by recycling and reducing waste. This will mean fewer paper products used, fewer paper cups at aid stations, so runners are expected to use their water bottles and save the trees.
If you want to participate in any or all of these fun low-key runs, either mail the entry form or e-mail your information to me. I like to keep things simple, easy and as few rules as possible. Those of you who know me, know how I dislike rules, however, putting on these events, even though it is a most rewarding labor of love, still takes an enormous amount of time and work. In return, I only ask that if you do register, you will take it serious and do your best to be there or be considerate enough to notify me in advance if you have to cancel.
Please enter at least one week prior to the event to be guaranteed a finisher's award.
Whether you are a veteran or a first-timer, I welcome and encourage you to come join us on the trails in 2020.

Ultra Trail Runners about UltrasOnTrails

Whispering Pines 12H/6H

Inverness, FL

Sunday, Feb.16 2020
12H 8AM/6H 10AM

  Event is filled, Registration is closed No waitlist maintained. Volunteers Needed.  


Limit 120 Runners!

Whispering Pines 12H/6H

Inverness, FL

Sunday, Feb.17 2019
12H 8AM/6H 10AM