Harbison Forest 50 KM

Sunday, November 8, 2009 - 8:00 AM
Check-in Between 7 and 7:45 am
Trail Briefing 7:45 am

Click here to see the Map of the Harbison Ultra Trail Run

Harbison State Forest
5600 Broad River Road
Columbia SC 29212

A 15.8 mile loop repeated twice, covering scenic trails within Harbison State Forest. A few hills, roots and rocks, but a very runnable trail. No cut-off times. Three fully-stocked aid stations per loop. Aid stations will have water, gator-ade, coke, salty foods, PB&J sandwiches, sweet stuff and more. Plus, food at the finish and unique finisher's awards. Carry at least one water bottle. The start/finish will be at the Gazebo.
Directions to Gazebo - Enter Forest, go through the gate onto the gravel road, travel .6 mile, turn left, go .2 mile, turn right to the Gazebo. Park in spaces or along the road. Restrooms near the Gazebo.
Course will be marked with orange ribbons.
Single ribbons on right - continue Straight
Double ribbons on Right - make Right turn
Double ribons on Left - make Left turn

There will also be some signs with directional arrows at some intersections.
Due to the rules for use, set by the Harbison Forest Administration, no entry fee can be charged, however, please send a donation to defray expenses for food, drinks, etc. In the event there are any monies left after expenses, they will be donated to the Friends of Harbison Forest.

Race Director: Terri Hayes
Questions? Email: ultraterri@bellsouth.net
Phone: 803-405-1818

To register fill in the Registration Form and mail it to:

Terri Hayes
146 Newberry Arms
Newberry, SC 29108