South Carolina Ultra Trail Series

2009 Schedule of Runs

Buncombe Trail 34 Mile Run
- Joanna, SC - May 3
Chattooga River 50 KM - Oconee County, SC - June 7
FATS Forty 40M/50K Run - North Augusta, SC - October 4
Harbison Forest 50 KM - Columbia, SC - November 8

The South Carolina Ultra Trail Runs are a series of four events held during the year in different locations throughout the state, giving runners an opportunity to challenge themselves, test their endurance and have an enjoyable adventure while exploring some beautiful areas.

Although each participant will be timed, I prefer to call these events runs, rather than races. You are only competing against yourself and your goal is to finish. My goal, as organizer and race director, is to provide you, the runner, with what you need to be able to finish while hopefully having fun. After 25 years and approximately 200 ultras completed, ultras are still my passion. I want to give back to the sport and encourage others to follow in my footsteps. All of the events will be low-key, but will be the kind of events that I would want to participate in.

Each run will cover a well-marked, 100% trail course, have fully-stocked aid stations, helpful volunteers, food at the finsh, no cut-off times and unique finisher's awards. You won't get alot of extra frills, but you won't pay outrageous entry fees either. In fact, there will not be any set entry fees, but I would appreciate donations to cover the expenses of aid stations, food at the finish, supplies and finisher's awards. If you want to participate, mail the entry form with your information and signed waiver, however, I will accept your information via e-mail. Please enter at least one week prior to the event to be guaranteed a finisher's award. There will be a special award to runners completing all 4 events.

Runners who have completed all 4 of the SC Series: Brian Kistner, Gregg Shockley,

Runners who have completed their first ultras at one of SC Ultra Trails events: Bruce Sibley, Teo Gamishev, Matthew Armstrong, Gus Grey, Will Rishovd, Andy McNeice, Shawn Torbett, Justin Trocki, Dave Coffin, Ron Calcutt, Michael Coward, Ben Johnson, Ted Sweeney, Tim Long, Luke Campbell, Chris Bennett, Basil Bonner, Kate Brun, Brent Koscher, Phillip Garland, Brandie Unterreiner, Karen Pearson, Michael Ward.

Race Director: Terri Hayes
Questions? Email:
Phone: 803-405-1818

To register fill in the Registration Form and mail it to:

Terri Hayes
146 Newberry Arms
Newberry, SC 29108